Semalt Defines The Ways To Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

The Internet presents a huge resource for most people. Many businesses adopt an online platform to attract many clients from different places over the web. Some of these places include the search engine using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or in the social networks using Social Media Marketing (SMM).

WordPress accounts for nearly 24% of all internet websites in the world. They have a free online platform which every person can utilize and benefit. Their plugins, DIY site builder and other website features in their code give an open platform for many entrepreneurs and bloggers to setup their e-commerce sites. However, hackers come into these sites in the same manner. There are over 94563 hack attempts hitting WordPress sites every minute. This figure comes because of their open platform which exposes all the mechanisms. As a result, WordPress can present an insecure platform which most hackers can use to execute some of the many dangerous attacks.

Andrew Dyhan, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, takes a look at the tips you need to protect your WordPress website from hacking attacks.

Password security

Using secure passwords is important. A hacker first attempt is usually trying out weak passwords before proceeding to strong exploits. A password such as 12345 is not a secure password. In other cases, do not use an admin password that is the name of your child or company. You can leave a lot of company information vulnerable, and this can make the entire internet security in a compromised state. Furthermore, sensitize your customers on the importance of these measures.

Update plugins and spyware software

Keeping your computer up to date can save you from some of the new web attacks. In most cases, hackers employ the use of harmful links which run scripts on a web browser. For instance, hackers may use cross site scripting. This exploit attacks a web server through inputting commands across the sign-up forms or other slots for text input. As a result, it is important to consider some encryption as data moves to and from a server on a user web browser. Another measure can be using anti spy ware. These are software's which can detect viruses and malware like Trojans. Your website can stay safe.


For every eCommerce approach, there are numerous methods of accessing the server Internet operates in an exchange mechanism, where a user sends and receives commands from a browser. Similarly, hackers use this chance to make their websites send and receive commands gaining access to a server illegally. When we make websites, the user and the customer satisfaction is usually our end goal. We fail to consider the potential of hackers and other persons with ill intentions. Some of the simplest ways which a hacker can use to penetrate a database include SQL Injection. The security of every website depends on the available mechanisms which can curb theft. However, there are numerous other techniques which people employ to get their sites secure against hackers.